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‘Chameleon’ is a new series of paintings containing metallized inks, which look different depending on the viewing angle. This is the first in that series. The alcohol ink colours are delicate muted blues and greens, but a mass of beautiful fine shining gold filigree lacing can be seen in certain lights.

The colours cut across the paper in an expanding diagonal line, hence the title ‘unwinding’. Is this unwinding in the sense of unravelling, or unwinding in the sense of relaxing? You decide.

Hang this painting, on heavyweight 265g synthetic paper, horizontally or vertically, as you prefer. Purchase unframed, or mounted onto an A2 sized wooden artboard similar to Ethereal (3 days delay before posting)




  • On 265g synthetic paper, 64cm x 50cm
  • Option available to buy mounted on wooden artboard 60cm x 42cm x 2.5cm
  • Unique original painting - no copies or prints made
  • This item has been sold.