The Fabric of Dreams

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This was one of the very few times that I had the title first, before the painting. I wanted to do a fragile, wafting, airy painting, like the wisps of dreams that we can only half remember, to create an effect of moving across or up the canvas, transitioning smoothly from one colour to another. I eventually did four different paintings on this theme, using these same colours but rejected the first three. This was the fourth – and the largest – of the four paintings, and I’m very pleased with this one. It was painted using delicate colours of alcohol inks –  amethyst, hydrangea, ash rose and metallic brass – on plexiglass, and the brass metallic really catches the light as you move around the painting.


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The Fabric of Dreams 4


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  • Alcohol ink on plexiglass, finished with resin to enhance & protect, and mounted onto white plexiglass
  • Overall size 41cm x 50cm x 1cm
  • Unique original painting - no copies or prints made