The Fabric of Dreams 1

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This was one of the very few times that I had the title first, before the painting. I wanted to do a delicate, wafting, airy painting, like the wisps of dreams that we can only half remember. The colours I used were delicate – amethyst, light hydrangea, ash rose and metallic brass. I wanted to create an effect of moving across or up the canvas, transitioning smoothly from one colour to another. This was the first – and the smallest – of four paintings I did on this theme and using these colours, and it remains one of my favourites. The other paintings will be uploaded shortly.

This one has been painted on paper and mounted onto an A4 sheet of translucent plexiglass, only 3mm thick, and the whole has been protected by a coat of high-gloss resin.


The Fabric of Dreams 1


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  • Overall size is A4, 21cm x 30cm x 3mm
  • Unique original painting