Swirling 60x76cm

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This is a large painting on heavyweight white synthetic paper.  The inks used are deep blue, and aquamarine, with touches of gold, white and silver. The painting draws the eye upwards, from the bottom towards the top of the painting and then back down again and closer, to take in the smaller details. The lower swirl of colour seems to almost drape over the edge of the large silver ring that encircles the colours. This painting may remind some viewers of water, clear blue and translucent, swirling around. Others may take something completely different from this painting – and that is the joy of abstract art, that it speaks to everybody according to their own circumstances and experience.

100% of the sales price of this painting will be donated to either Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine, or Children’s Hospices across Scotland – your choice at checkout


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  • Unframed. 60cm x 76cm
  • Painted with alcohol ink on 330m synthetic paper, sealed with gloss varnish and a UV resistant coating
  • This is a unique original painting