Rubo 51x34cm unframed

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I love the sense of movement and exhuberance in this painting – the way the colours seem to burst out of the rings and explode upwards across the paper. You can read all sorts of different meanings into this painting, or you can just enjoy it for the colours and the energy it manifests.

This painting uses alcohol ink in shades of delicate lilac, grey and vibrant red, on a white background. Chrome accents extend throughout. The colours sweep up and across from bottom right to top left. There are areas where the inks fade away softly, and areas where the inks form almost spider-web type lines.

100% of the sales price of this painting will be donated either to Social Bite (a movement to end homelessness) or to Children’s Hospices Across Scotland – your choice at checkout.


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Rubo, unframed


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  • 51cm x 34cm unframed
  • Painted with alcohol ink on 330m synthetic paper, sealed with varnish and a UV resistant coating
  • Unique original painting