Gloaming 42x30cm

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The gloaming, in Scotland, is the time after sunset and before it gets dark, which can last for several hours in the summer. It seemed an appropriate title for this painting.  A pale yellow afterglow frames the distant barely visible mountains. Iridescent silver, suffusing the purple hills in the middle distance, shines when viewed from certain angles (see third photo). And the turquoise in the foreground could surely be water. The painting is minimalist, understated, and very atmospheric. On the wall, it draws you in for a closer look.

The painting has been framed in a narrow minimalist brushed silver frame, which complements perfectly the iridescent silver in the painting itself. 100% of the sales of this painting will be donated either to Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine or to Children’s Hospices Across Scotland – your choice at checkout.


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Gloaming, framed


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  • Framed size 42x30cm
  • Painted with alcohol inks on 330m synthetic paper, sealed with varnish and a UV resistant coating
  • Unique original painting - no copies or prints made