Full Moon 42x30cm

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This is an atmospheric painting, essentially in monochrome. However, the lights in the houses are painted in copper metallic ink which gives tiny glimmers of light when viewed from the right angle. This was not what I had planned to paint, when I started. But the inks had their own idea, as so often happens with alcohol ink painting and here we are, with a very wintery monochromatic landscape. I know monochrome is not to everybody’s taste, but I love this this painting, and the atmosphere it creates.

This has been mounted and framed in a narrow brushed silver contemporary frame, which perfectly complements the monochromatic theme. 100% of the sales of this painting will be donated either to Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine or to Children’s Hospices Across Scotland – your choice at checkout.


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Full Moon, framed


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  • Framed size 42x30cms
  • Painted with alcohol ink on 330m synthetic paper, sealed with varnish and a UV resistant coating
  • Unique original painting - no copies or prints made