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The zing of fluorescent yellow across the centre of this painting is just like a flash of inspiration, hence the name. It is a much more vibrant fluorescent yellow in actuality than the photo suggests. The close-up video on my Instagram page is much closer to the real thing, on my screens at least! This is a little gem of a painting, and lights up a wall. It seems set to be one of my all-time favourite paintings. Painted in acrylic on a sheet of stainless steel, 30cm x 15cm, this piece has been resined for protection and to enhance the finish and then mounted onto A3 plexiglass. The overall size is 420mm x 295mm and 6mm depth.



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  • Overall dimensions 420mm x 295mm x 6mm
  • Panel hangs about 1cm out from wall
  • Buy now at £70 or click enquire and make me a reasonable offer and I'll consider it, but I shall be sorry to sell this piece!
  • This item has been sold.