Blowin’ in the Wind 34x36cm

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Painted on synthetic paper using alcohol ink colours of fluorescent orange/yellow, warm grey, and gold. The gold metallic ink has produced a mesh of fine gold lines running throughout the painting. The gold lines are unexpectedly wonderful when spotted in certain lights, but hard to photograph. The painting is bright and vibrant with lovely dark undertones. It is an abstract painting, hence not necessarily representative of anything in particular. However since the wispy trails of ink in the top left quarter of the painting made me think of plants or foliage blowing in the wind, the title in this instance was obvious.

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Blowin’ in the Wind, unframed


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  • Alcohol inks on 265g synthetic paper, sealed with varnish and UV resistant coating. 34cm wide x 36cm deep
  • Unframed. Arrives rolled in a tube
  • This is an original painting