A nudge, a spark, a feeling — or the need to paint the walls of a studio — are all it takes to change direction, if you are open to it.

Sculpture has been the epicentre of my creative spirit for some time now. Careful, almost strategic translation of a creative spark, influenced by my emotions and surroundings, into expressive, energised work.

A requirement that had me holding a brush — a brush not to create a work but merely to paint my workspace. It was all the inspiration it took for my journey to be nudged towards a new and exciting chapter.

Another outlet, another medium, another beginning; complementing and extending my creative spirit. A new lease of life for expression through colour, texture, tone and a freedom that only painting can give.


Never knowing quite what’s coming, I allow the creative energy to flow through me into the work, trying hard not to get in the way of it.

With no pre-determined end in mind and with the sentiment of enjoying the ride and not being concerned about the destination, I allow the journey to take place as it will, resulting in these works of energy, texture and colour.

A true process of surrender — giving up all intention and control, just submitting to the process.

These works are an expression and recognition of ‘a journey’, therefore hard to give titles to. As such, I have merely numbered them in the order they presented themselves. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

All the paintings are predominantly oil paint, applied either to board or canvas, but some contain other media, such as acrylic paint, microscopic glass balls, mica flakes or gold dust. All are either painted directly onto board, or mounted on board, and the dimensions given are the overall size, including the mounting board, where used.